Isaiah Washington (Preston Burke) just praised Grey's Anatomy… before ranking it in the No. 2 slot below his new show, The CW's post-apocalyptic drama The 100.

The 50-year-old actor — who was fired from Grey's at the end of Season 3 after reportedly using homophobic slurs on set and then returned for a Season 10 episode — compared the two shows in a recent interview with Press Association while discussing his reluctance to return to TV.

"I've already been on a TV show that pushed the envelope, Grey's Anatomy. Grey's was very diverse and transformative - and it changed television as we knew it. It was the pinnacle of storytelling and the show still resonates around the world, so I didn't need to prove anything else."

Isaiah cites that mindset and the fun he had been having with indie films as the reasons why he left the script unopened for three weeks.

"My manager kept pushing and pushing, but I kept saying, 'No. It can't get any better than what I've already done. It's impossible'. … As soon as I read the script for The 100, I told my manager I was wrong. … I immediately knew I wanted to be part of this exciting project."

Do you think The 100 is better than Grey's? Or is Isaiah dead wrong?

Source: Press Association

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