Snoop Dogg enjoyed some herb at the White House — and we're not talking about Michelle Obama's vegetable garden!

No, the rapper formerly known as Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. lit up some marijuana inside a bathroom 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, as he revealed on his web talk show, GGN, in a chronic-centric conversation with guest Jimmy Kimmel.

"I said, 'May I use the bathroom?'" he recounted. "And they said, 'What are you gonna do: No. 1 or No. 2?' And I said, 'No. 2.'"

"Who said this?" Jimmy asked. "The first lady?"

"No, no, the CIA," Snoop laughed. "Or the FBI. The alphabet boys!"

He continued: "So I said, 'Look, when I do No. 2, I usually have a cigarette or I light something to get the aroma right...' So they said, 'You know what? You can light a piece of napkin.' And I said, 'I'll do that.' And the napkin was this," he said, taking a big drag off the rolled-up business in his hand and exhaling a cloud of smoke.

"This is some story!" exclaimed Jimmy.

Leave it to Snoop to debase our country's most esteemed residence with some doobage!

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Credit: NDN Photo: Snoop Dogg Says He Smoked Weed at the White House (VIDEO)

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