Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: DWTS Season 13 Cast Revealed

Literally everything happened on TV last night. Fortunately, while you were off at your interpretive dance class, the intertubes captured it all in bite-size pieces for easy digestion.

Firstly, the new cast of DWTS was announced last night. Our reaction: WTF?! — but in a good way. We applaud the producers for their commitment to diversity — hello, Carson Kressley and Chaz Bono — and Nancy Grace may just be the single greatest addition to the roster in the show's 12-season history. We hope she's paired with Maks, who's equally as mouthy. Catfight! [Watch at Gawker]

Adorable movie star Paul Rudd stopped by Chelsea Lately last night to be — what else? — adorable. Paul adorably recounted the filming of a nude scene in which, because of the placement of the camera, he had to be filmed entirely in the buff. Adorable. [Watch at AolTV]

In other news, William Shatner continues to confuse and surprise America. Because he can, Captain Kirk got Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson on all-fours to teach him about horseback riding. Oddly, the whole thing is made charming by Craig's willingness to play pony and Bill's uncanny ability to get anyone to do anything. [Watch at AolTV]

One episode in and it's already the Laura-Malaysia show on Basketball Wives LA. The ladies got into a bit of a tiff when, while dining, it was revealed that Malaysia's real name is "Laquisha" [sic], and Laura decided that made her a "rat." Needless to say, Malaysia didn't take too kindly to that assessment. The other ladies pretended to be doing other things — texting, eating, looking at passersby — until Malaysia and Laura stopped using their inside voices and got physical. [Watch at AolTV]

Credit: Photo: Must-Watch Video! First Look at John Goodman in Community Season 3