This one's for all the devoted moms out there!

According to The Mirror of the UK, Adele's mother, Penny, brought her daughter up alone, holding down two jobs while living in a small apartment above a store in North London. Now Adele is a superstar around the world. To thank her mother for helping her to pursue her music dreams, Adele reportedly gave her mom a $950,000 luxury apartment. Adele already has an $8.8 million home in the same Notting Hill, London, neighborhood, Radar Online says, and she is also currently renting a home in Beverly Hills.

Meanwhile, Adele's father, Mark, has admitted he walked out when his daughter was 3 and was never the best example. However, he and Adele seemed to have a decent off-and-on father/daughter relationship, until another falling out in the past couple of years. Now he's upset because he hasn't even met Adele's new son.

As sad as that is, it's good to see Adele's appreciation for her mother's sacrifice and selflessness. Sometimes it is recognized and it does pay off!

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