Sorry, anyone who really wanted Adele to be serving Chris Brown a can of whoopass at the 2013 Grammys. They were actually having a mutual admiration society meeting.

Perez Hilton posted a photo of Adele talking to Chris, with the headline "Chris Brown Gets A Verbal BEATDOWN From Adele?!?" Perez wrote (via Gossip Cop) that Chris showed a "sore-loser" attitude when Frank Ocean won a Grammy. Chris clapped but didn't stand up, and Perez said Adele, who was sitting nearby, "supposedly went off on Rihanna's boo over his lack of manners."

But, as it happens, they weren't fighting. Adele tweeted this note to explain what they were doing:

And they actually posed together at the event, smiling.

So that clears up the rumor, but it may put Adele in hot water with people who'd rather the first story be true.

Oh well! Maybe next time...

Sources: Gossip Cop, RumorFix