Alec Baldwin and Shia LaBeouf's bad blood continues.

Shia dropped out of the Broadway play Orphans last month, followed by rumors that he and Alec had been feuding.

Now, Alec has added fuel to the fire when he was asked this week by Vulture about Shia's recent Twitter message that "theater belongs not to the great but to the brash."

Alec responded: "I can tell you that, in all honesty, I don’t think he’s in a good position to be giving interpretations of what the theater is and what the theater isn’t." Ouch.

And because Shia is not one to let things go, Shia has now responded on Twitter by posting emails between him, Alec, and the play's director from earlier this year.

In one email, the director tells Shia that Alec probably won't look up from his script during an upcoming rehearsal because "he's not nearly as prepared as you are."

In another email chain, Alec tells Shia that he's "so f**king tired." When Shia responds that "I don't get tired. I'm 26, chief," Alec writes, "Listen, boy. I'm not your f**kin' chief. You got that? Ha. Hahahahaha. Let's go."

Wow. Note to self: Never refer to Alec Baldwin as "chief."

Source: Vulture