Alex Pettyfer may have steamed up the silver screen as an ambitious young exotic dancer in Magic Mike, but in real life, his tastes are a bit more tame.


The 23-year-old British heartthrob made his feelings known for Hollywood’s hottest commodity, 91-year-old Betty White, at the GLAAD Awards, when he asked her for a little action.


Alex and Betty, who walked on stage together, quickly got down to business, when the younger of the two stars made his feelings clear.


"Betty, can I kiss you?" asked Alex. "Take a number,” replied the always in-demand White.

While Alex did get to plant one on the Off Their Rockers star — albeit on her cheek — not every requester was as lucky.

 Cloris Leachman offered up a whopping $8,000 for a smooch from Betty, raunchily asking what kind of kiss that type of cash could get her.


Always up for a joke, Betty replied, "I may be open-minded, but I'm not ridiculous.”

 Source: Us Weekly