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It seems that Cher needed 17 years to forgive Elton for abandoning her by the side of the road after that party in the Valley.

Actress Alicia Silverstone is making a guest appearance on ABC’s Suburgatory tonight (April 18) as a love interest for Jeremy Sisto’s character George.

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But we will always know the couple as Cher and Elton from Clueless. Elton, the cocky rich boy, enjoyed rollin’ with the homies, but not with Tai (played by Brittany Murphy). He always had the hots for Cher, and it seems that all these years later, the same is still true.

Alicia Silverstone will play organic-loving Eden, who first meets George at the farmer’s market. Though we’re excited to see this Clueless reunion, everyone knows that George is meant to be with material-obsessed Dallas.

The two balance each other out, and Alicia was destined to be with Paul Rudd (we’ll overlook the fact that his character was Cher’s former stepbrother).

Suburgatory will be on ABC tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET. Will you watch tonight’s reunion? Watch the video below!

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