No more pipe-smoking, taco-eating trips to Home Depot for Amanda Bynes unless she takes the bus, that is.

The actress, who has a suspended license, was pulled over by the police on Sunday morning and subsequently got her car impounded.

Victor Gill of the Burbank Airport Police tells People that Amanda was cited, not arrested, at around 8:20 a.m. on Sunday morning for driving with a suspended license. She was pulled over just south of the main entrance to the Bob Hope Airport and in addition to her car being impounded, she received a misdemeanor citation.

It’s still unclear why Amanda was stopped, but if her recent behavior has been any indication, something unusual was probably going on. After a spree of messy car accidents and driving violations, the actress was spotted smoking something mighty suspicious-looking from a pipe while behind the wheel last week. 

Getting a car impounded is a major hassle, but hopefully it will do what Amanda’s suspended license didn’t and keep the actress far away from the roads!

Source: People

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