Credit: Amanda Bynes on Twitpic Photo: Amanda Bynes Hits the Gym in White and Gray Sweats

Amanda Bynes has once again busted out her iPhone camera and taken to her bathroom studio for some sweet mirror videos!

Amanda posted a pretty amazing video to Telly of herself modeling a fascinating combination: a button-down floral blouse with black and white camo shorts. She even added an electronic runway ditty! While not quite as intense as her now-infamous gummi bear video, we’re still fascinated.

Amanda has made some other interesting fashion choices in the recent past, like shaving half her head (which actually looks pretty fantastic) and wearing white on heather grey sweats to the gym (pictured).

She posted the same video to Twitter soon after, but without the soundtrack that, in our opinion, makes the vid.

Credit: Amanda Bynes on Telly Photo: Amanda Bynes: Chilling - what are you doing?

She captioned the video, “Chilling - what are you doing?” We’re taking to Polyvore to make this outfit happen, of course!

It’s hard to find the perfect pair of black and white camo shorts since it’s no longer 1998, but we made do. Want the Amanda Bynes video bathroom selfie look for yourself?