Amanda Bynes has once again posted one of her selfies, only this time there’s a lot less shirt involved. The former Nickeoldeon star posted a picture of herself in a black, lace bra to Twitter with the caption, “About to put on makeup! I weigh 135, I've gained weight! I need to be 100 lbs!”

We’re really not sure where that 35 pounds would come off from
, but we did notice one part of her body that we’re pretty sure is bigger than before, not that we’ve ever seen them this clearly or anything. What did you do with your chest, Amanda? Did you always have those?

She posted
one more photo for good measure, which she says is “pre make up.” We’re pretty sure we see some subtle lip makeup there, but either way, she looks cute the way she is!

Amanda previously posted on Twitter about having an eating disorder, so it’s not that surprising that she would think she was 35 pounds overweight when she doesn’t look it. Her goal weight at the time of that post was 100 pounds, too.

Oh, Amanda! Wearing crazy stuff for selfies and going on Twitter tirades is fun, but when you start talking about wanting to weigh 100 pounds, it's a different story. We’ll just say it, even though you insist you’re fine: we’re worried about you.