Credit: @AmandaBynes

Maybe Amanda Bynes should replace Nicki Minaj on American Idol. 'Cause that's just what the show needs — even weirder judges!

Amanda does almost nothing but post bathroom-shot selfies on Twitter, and she recently added this one, writing, "Luv!"

Not too long ago, Amanda showed off a platinum half-buzz that made her look like Miley Cyrus, and most of the time her long blonde wigs make her look like The Bachelor's Erica Rose, but this new wig and heavy makeup put her in the Nicki Minaj zone, with maybe a little nod to Amy Winehouse.

And isn't it thoughtful of her to make sure everyone still gets a good look at her boobs under the shirt, even as she shows off the new look?

Maybe she'll channel Mariah next, or JLo or Christina Aguilera. Cher feels like it’s inevitable at some point, but Betty White could be a nice twist.

Source: @AmandaBynes