Amanda Bynes appears to have a celebrity crush.

On March 15, she tweeted, "@drake is a hot fellow :D" and included a link to a couple of photos of the singer.

On March 21, she added this tweet:

To quote some of the comments under the tweet:

• "I can't."

• "is this real?"

• "I saw this tweet and didn't think it was for real lmfao LAWWWD"

• "White girl done gon crazy"


• "You're not even following Drake! She has no idea how this game is played."

Drake is copied on all of the tweets, so maybe he'll respond at some point. Or maybe we'll find out this isn't Amanda Bynes at all and her account was hacked (it's not verified), or it's just a big joke/hoax, like when Joaquin Phoenix went through that whole phase. You remember. Or maybe she just really likes Drake ... and attention.

Source: @AmandaBynes