Credit: Instagram

Apparently, when you're so pregnant that you're about to pop, you have to kill two birds with one stone.

Amber Rose celebrated her 29th birthday recently at a baby shower that was being thrown in her honor. Amber and rapper Wiz Khalifa are expecting their first child next month.

And just because you're many months pregnant doesn't mean you can't be sexy, too. Amber shared pics from the party, and in one of them, she shows off her now-ample cleavage as she leans over to blow out the candles on her cake.

We love Amber's very floral hat in that pic. We also can't help but crack up at the location that she has chosen to store her cell phone. Who needs pockets?

Credit: Instagram

In another pic, Amber poses with her mom, who rests her hand on Amber's massive baby bump.

Enjoy the next month, Amber, because there aren't too many more days left in which you can eat birthday cake for two!

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