Credit: Instagram

Look at this doggie! The eyes. The tongue. Could anything be cuter? Well, maybe his little bro will turn out to be even cuter — but he hasn't arrived yet.

This is Pauly Rose, and his mama Amber tweeted this photo, writing, "Pauly loves his Lil brother he can't wait 4 his arrival! ;-)" Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are expecting a baby boy any minute now, but Amber doesn't want to hear about how long she's been pregnant; if anyone already knows, it's her.

She tweeted on January 27, "I gotta be honest it's really irritating to hear ppl say 'God, u've been pregnant forever'.... I'm making a baby not Ramen noodles." (Ha!)

Yes, if only giving birth were that quick and convenient. Come on, science, figure it out!

Source: @DaRealAmberRose