Let your freak flag fly!

AMC is doing just that through Freakshow, its new reality series centered on the Venice Beach Freakshow and the family behind it.
In an interview with Huffington Post, star Todd Ray the owner of the famed sideshow explained that the series is about letting your inner “freak” shine through. “I grew up in Montana and people weren’t exposed to stuff like this,” he said. “People need to have their minds opened and then they will feel more comfortable with themselves.”

Underlining the importance of valuing differences over conformity, he continued, “People are more the same than ever and something is trying to group us together. But none of us are the same and we just celebrate it.”

Freakshow’s cast of uniquely talented characters includes a sword-swallower and fire-eater (Todd’s daughter Asia); a miniature woman; a 7-foot-8 man; and a man named Morgue who does things what would kill the average person.

Watch a sneak peek below, and tune in for the premiere on February 14 on AMC.

Credit: AMC Photo: Freakshow Premiere Sneak Peek: Meet the “Freaks”!