Credit: Fox Broadcasting Company

Let the wild speculation begin! During the American Horror Story panel at PaleyFest on March 15, series creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk let loose some of the gory details on the upcoming third season. Most intriguing is the title: American Horror Story: Coven. Something wicked this way comes!

We also got confirmation that shooting will take place in New Orleans, but not exclusively, as the story will take us to several of the “most haunted” cities in the United States. “America is a f***ed up place,” joked Brad during the panel, which also formally introduced the newest cast member of the AHS Players: Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates.

Ryan says he pitched Kathy a “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” character and promised lots of scenes with Jessica Lange. Talk about a hard sell! Kathy was totally on board, telling the PaleyFest audience that she’s very excited to go “head to head” with Jessica.

Kathy will also be reunited with her Six Feet Under co-star Frances Conroy, who has also been reupped for season 3, though we’re not sure yet whether they’ll share any scenes together. 

So let’s see: in addition to the usual cast of award winning scenery chewers , we’ve got a multi-location plot, possibly with witches and evil spirits? Honestly, after a serial killer who flays his victims, a creepy asylum, demonic possession, and aliens, that sounds down-right tame!

However, we won’t underestimate Ryan Murphy just yet. He seems to take glee (pun intended) in topping himself every year. “I’d love to make this show forever,” Ryan told the audience. Well, we could watch it forever. You know, so long as we have all the lights on.


Reporting by Carita Rizzo