We’ve missed American Horror Story. Those blaring opening credits, the twisted sex fantasies, Jessica Lange, and jarred brains have been floating through our subconscious ever since the Season 1 finale, which is fitting, since the subconscious is where much of the action in American Horror Story: Asylum takes place.

As fans know, the second installment of AHS takes place at Briarcliff Manor, a mental asylum near Boston circa 1963. Jessica Lange plays Sister Jude, the head nun in charge of patients who allegedly all suffer from diseases of the mind. James Cromwell plays Dr. Arthur Arden, the head scientist in charge of research, and Joseph Fiennes plays Monsignor Timothy Howard, the priest.

Thankfully, all of the frightening nuances from Season 1 are back — including the jarred brains. We’ve seen the highly anticipated premiere and before you read on, a brief warning: If the whole  ghost sex theme made your skin crawl last season, we suggest averting your eyes. This time, someone’s skin will quite literally be crawling, because there’s a bug living inside it.

On with the clues!

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1. It's not just the men who get their heads shaved. As you may have heard, Chris Zylka lost his role as The Most Beautiful Boy in the World because he refused to shave his head. Well, boys aren’t the only ones who get razors to their scalps.

2. “Mental illness is the fashionable term for sin.” At least as far as Sister Jude is concerned.

3. Little green men. Even though there is nothing supernatural going on in the premiere, someone does experience what we can only describe as an alien invasion.

4. Jessica Lange’s Boston accent... is wicked sup-ah.

5. We don't know what to believe. Early in the episode, you may think the strapping, handsome, nice guy Kit Walker (played wonderfully by AHS alum Evan Peters) is our hero. But there will come a point when you simply don’t know what (or who) to believe, including your own gut instincts.

6. Funny face. One peculiar-looking patient seems cute as a button — until Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe, also returning from Season 1) informs Kit that the woman killed her sister’s baby and sliced its ears off. 

7. French pop never sounded so scary. One of the villains has a thing for sadism and French pop music. Combined. 

8. Our favorite character so far is the mysterious Grace (Lizzie Brochere), who is just as gorgeous as Angelina Jolie was in Girl, Interrupted, but less intimidating and, yes, sexier.

9. Feed the animals! There are some ominous “scientific” experiments being conducted by Dr. Arden, and they’re directly tied to those teaser clips showing a nun bringing bloody entrails into the woods.

10. Jessica in red. In case you were worried that Jessica Lange would be hidden away in a nun’s habit all season, have no fear. You’ll see her in a far more compromising position in the premiere, and let’s just say that she looks very hot in red.

Satisfied? If not, just tune in to the premiere and see for yourself!

American Horror Story: Asylum premieres on Wednesday, October 17 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX with “Welcome to Briarcliff.”

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