Credit: Michael Yarish/FX Photo: Evan Peters in American Horror Story: Asylum

Are you ready for a glamorous horror/romance/comedy about female power? 

American Horror Story guru Ryan Murphy has already revealed some details on Season 3, saying we can expect "evil glamour" and the kind of Romeo & Juliet love story they had on Season 1. He added more details Thursday at a screening of the Season 2 (Asylum) finale, TV Guide reports, including the scoop that Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will be returning for the third season. (Woo hoo!) Jessica Lange has already been announced as returning, so that's three alumni so far.

Credit: Michael Yarish/FX Photo: American Horror Story: Asylum Premiere: Sarah Paulson as Lana

Ryan said Season 3 will have a very different tone and be more light and fun. "I want to do something next season that's funnier. I really miss that Jessica Lange as [Season 1's] Constance, and I know she missed it, too." It will also differ from the first two seasons in that round three will take place in multiple cities and feature several time periods.

"It's really about female power," he added, saying Jessica would play "a really glamour cat sort of lady in Season 3." He also said they will still have a "great icon," à la Rubber Man and Bloody Face, "and it's a woman." Let's hear it for the big, bad girls!

This new season is sounding pretty good. We could use some humor after Asylum — although horror still has to be the #1 priority. What do you think?

Source: TV Guide