Credit: Getty/ Jim Dyson Photo: Amy Winehouse

When Amy Winehouse died suddenly in her London home this past summer on July 23, fans and loved ones immediately assumed the 27-year-old Grammy winning singer had relapsed and was using drugs.

Much to everyone's surprise, the initial autopsy report indicated that no illegal substances were found in her body.

So, what brought this promising young singer to her untimely death? Accidental alcohol poisoning, or as the British call it "death by misadventure," says coroner Suzanne Greenaway.

According to pathologist Suhail Baithun, a "very large quantity of alcohol" — more than five times the legal limit — was found in her body at the time of her death. New reports also reveal that empty vodka bottles were found scattered around her bedroom.

Amy's doctor Dr. Christina Romete said Amy had not spoken of suicide, but had recently resumed drinking after a long period of sobriety.

Source: Associated Press