Credit: NBC

As we reported earlier this week, Lorax star and heartthrob Zac Efron made quite the red-carpet faux pas at the film’s premiere on February 22, when he accidentally dropped a condom in front of dozens of camera crews.

Whether your heart was broken, or your faith destroyed (24-year-old Zac Efron, non-virgin? Blasphemy!), Zac attempted to spin the embarrassing moment into a public service announcement while speaking with Matt Lauer on the Today show this morning (March 1).

When Matt asked him how he felt about the incident, Zac turned bright red. “That's a great message," said Zac. "To add to the many messages in the film."

Considering that Matt Lauer could barely even utter the word “condom” without stuttering, we think Zac handled himself extremely well!

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Credit: NBC Photo: Watch: Zac Efron Blushes, Giggles, Admits He Dropped a Condom

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