Bride Wars? More like, former co-host wars!

Anne Hathaway is not happy that James Franco discussed their contentious relationship and seemed to understand where her haters were coming from, according to Radar Online.

James was being interviewed by Howard Stern this week when he revealed that he and Anne no longer speak, and then he agreed with Howard that people dislike Anne for being a goody two-shoes.

“Anne can’t believe James has openly discussed the past and how they aren’t really on talking terms anymore,” a source says.

“She thinks he did it purely to drum up publicity for Spring Breakers," the source adds. "But, as far as she’s concerned, James pulled an unprofessional move by talking about her during the interview with Howard Stern."

Apparently, Anne wishes James  whom she co-hosted the 2011 Oscars with to disastrous results  would have just said "no comment."

“Stern did provoke Franco, but he didn’t have to respond," according to the insider. "And she couldn’t believe that he said he understands why people dislike her.

“Anne would never air her dirty laundry in public and is intensely private," the source continues. "It’s opened up old wounds, is totally unnecessary, and she’s fuming.”

It sounds like Anne and James won't be having a great and powerful friendship anytime soon.

Source: Radar Online