Credit: Michael Buckner/ Getty Images, Josephine Santos,

They're baaaaaack!

Just a couple of months ago, The Hills alum Heidi Montag said she and Spencer Pratt had lost about a million dollars through careless spending. She said the only thing she missed about being in the spotlight was the money, and she was enjoying being out of the public eye.

Well, maybe she meant out of the U.S. public eye. The Daily Mail of the UK has photos of Heidi and Spencer arriving in London, just a couple of days before the start of Celebrity Big Brother. They are rumored to be joining the show as one contestant. The game starts Thursday, January 3, 2013.

Hey, it's a paycheck! Would you sign up for this show, if you were Heidi and Spencer, or would you try to stay out of the reality TV game and find some other way to make money … like a normal person?

Source: Daily Mail