The Internets have been all atwitter for weeks with rumors that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have ended their off-the-chart-adorable relationship. Usually constantly by each other’s side, they’ve been flying solo lately in support of their most recent projects. However, a deleted pic and cryptic caption from Justin’s Instagram over the weekend has some Beliebers (and non-Beliebers) convinced that it’s really over. Let’s review the evidence.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Justin Bieber: Does Lingse = Single?

Over the weekend, Justin posted the above pic to his Instagram with the caption “*Lingse*.” For those of you who aren’t Words with Friends junkies, that’s an anagram for “Single.” Don’t bother looking for it now, though; within hours of its initial posting, the Biebs deleted it. So cryptic!

Credit: Instagram Photo: Justin Bieber Instagram - "Just Me"

Could this be a sign that it’s over? It’s hard to say. They are still following each other on Twitter, and just last week Justin revealed in his interview with Oprah that he never wants to be apart from Selena. Does Justin still want to be her boyfriend?  Share your wildest theories with us below!

Source: Hollywood Life, Instagram