Things between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson seem to be going extremely well  so are they already looking to take the next step?

There are rumors that the Twilight cuties are planning to get a home together, but Rob isn't quite ready to live with her again, according to Hollywood Life.

“Rob’s still taking things slow with Kristen,” says the source. “They’re not buying a house together. That’s just ridiculous. They’re having fun and taking it day by day.” 

Kristen and Rob are currently very happy, but things are still a bit fragile after her hookup with Rupert Sanders last summer. 

“Rob would never put that kind of pressure on things right now," the insider says. "Plus, he’s still making Kristen prove herself." 

"She’s being so sweet to him and working so hard to make him happy," adds the source. "It used to be the other way around completely, so Rob’s loving the change."

Also, Rob is being realistic about the fact that he may have to leave town again soon for another movie.

"Plus, Rob’s really focused on work right now," according to the source. "He’s going to be all over the place for the next while. His career is his priority, not shopping for a house!"

It's probably for the best that these two take things a bit slowly for now. Still, the idea of them in their own home is completely adorable. Maybe someday!

Source: Hollywood Life