Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Photo: Armie Hammer

Oh, Armie Hammer, with your chiseled good looks, boyish grin, and disarming smile. You can video bomb us any day. But Academy Award-winning, revered actor Meryl Streep? You leave her the f— alone.

We're kidding! One of last night's most memorable moments happened as the camera focused on Hollywood "It" girl Meryl Streep. Just as we were basking in the glow of her Oscar-winning visage — BAM! Out of nowhere, we see Armie Hammer's goofy mug peering out from behind her head. Oh, the tomfoolery.

With all of last night's wackiness (Scorsese drinking game!) are the Screen Actors Guild Awards overtaking the Golden Globes in the wacky awards show race? We think so.