Mark your calendars, Arrested Development fans!

New episodes of the long-canceled series will be available on Netflix in May, according to Deadline

Fourteen episodes will be made available all at once. All of the show's stars will return, including Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, and David Cross.


Credit: Twitter

And what about plans for a movie? It's still not a definite thing, according to Jason Bateman, but the cast and crew members have their fingers crossed.

The new episodes are "basically just the first act that we hope to complete in a movie, which will be acts two and three,” Jason explains. 

“The episodes will set that up, and one will not work without the other.” But he then added, “This will, however, provide a satisfying conclusion if for some unfortunate reason the movie doesn’t happen.”  

Let's hope the episodes are successful and that the movie is a go. Is it May yet?

Source: DeadlineDeadline