Credit: FOX

You'll want to give us a hand when you realize what we have in store for you.

A video clip has been released by Entertainment Weekly that provides a sneak peek at the upcoming new episodes of Arrested Development. It's so exciting that we just blue ourselves!

The minute-and-a-half long clip features more wackiness from Lucille and Buster Bluth and is just as amazing as we would expect.

The scene involves Lucille finding an ingenius method of smoking a cigarette, despite her house arrest ankle bracelet. 

And if you thought these two had a creepy relationship before, it's about to get a lot creepier.

So if you are fully prepared for the most awesome thing that will happen to you today, check out the video clip by clicking here. You're welcome.

This scene is from one of 15 new episodes of the dearly departed show that will get released by Netflix on May 26. Wait  so we still have to wait another whole month?! Ughhh.

If anyone needs us for the next month, we'll be drowing our sorrows in frozen bananas.

Source: Entertainment Weekly