Seriously, if even Mila Kunis can't keep a guy's attention for more than a few minutes, the rest of us should give up.

The Daily Mail has photos of Mila (still gorgeous in sweatpants) and Ashton holding hands and making out on a recent jaunt through New York City. She seems to be all over him — moving in for kisses and leaning on his chest — as he's mostly just glued to his phone. He is the social media/Twitter king and all, but come on!

It looks like they were followed/stalked all over the city, and there are some sweet, affectionate shots — including Ashton feeding Mila something — so it’s not like he ignored her the whole time. But most of the photos are like an advertisement for the powers of his phone. Maybe that’s what he was aiming for. Or is he just one of those people who can’t put down their phone?

Source: Daily Mail

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