Credit: JGM/Greg Tidwell/Pacific Coast News

Rumor has it that (the relatively newly single) Ashton Kutcher been romancing brunette screenwriter Lorene Scafaria since last February — but now Us Weekly is reporting that Ashton brought his petite ladyfriend as his date to Madonna’s Academy Awards after-party on February 21.

For the record, Ashton’s rep maintains that the two have a platonic relationship. So does this mean he takes all of his friends on deluxe vacations to Italy? Because if that’s the case, tell us where to sign up!

Seeing as Ashton split with actress Demi Moore just last November, people have already started making comparisons between Lorene and Demi. They have the same color hair! Naturally, they must be total twins! Separated at birth!

Do you think Ashton’s new girl really looks that much like his ex, or are you not too keen on the comparison? Sound off below and let us know.

Source: Us Weekly

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