Credit: Steven Lippman/MTV

Is everyone ready to head for the hills again?

The Hills star Audrina Patridge told Ryan Seacrest's radio show that The Hills creator Adam DiVello, along with other producers, have been reaching out to her about possibly filming new episodes of the MTV reality show.

"I talked to Adam a few months ago, and I ran into one of the other producers at The Grove [in L.A] right before Christmas, and they did talk to me a little bit about it, how they'd love to do it," she explains.

"I just asked them, 'How would that work?' Because now everyone has such different lives and such different things going on."

So would Audrina be willing to sign up, if and when the new version of the series came together?

"It would be fun to do but I don't know how it would work," the former Dancing with the Stars contestant says. "The producers would really have to come up with something." 

But would this really happen? We all know that Spencer and Heidi would presumably return at the drop of a hat, and Lo, Whitney, and Stephanie would probably be game as well. But it doesn't seem like Lauren would want to return to reality TV anytime soon, and we're also unsure if Kristen Cavallari would want to either, now that she's a mom.

As for now, we're just going to hope that the rest is still unwritten.

Source: Us Weekly