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Is there a special Posh Barbie? They should make a new one, modeled on 1-year-old Blue Ivy Carter. She’s like Posh and Baby Spice rolled into one lucky young lady.

According to The Sun of the UK (via RadarOnline), Beyoncé and Jay-Z spent about $200,000 for daughter Blue Ivy's first birthday party. They reportedly spent $95,000 on pink and white roses for the princess-themed party, with the cake costing around $2,000. 

Credit: Photo via E! Online’s Twitter/Instagram Photo: Beyonce and Blue Ivy

Toys and gifts for the guests were said to cost around $30,000, and Blue was supposedly given a special diamond-encrusted Barbie doll that cost $80,000. (Shine bright like a diamond, indeed!)

That kind of money is really nothing to Jay-Z and Queen B, but for 80 grand they probably could've built Blue an entire Barbie princess village in that playroom she uses at Barclays Center. Or, you know, taught her an early life lesson by not spending that much money on an event she probably won’t even remember.

Source: RadarOnline