No plans this weekend? Keep it low-key with a movie night. Here's the scoop on three flicks showing this Friday, May 18.


Inspired by the Hasbro board game, this action-adventure epic is about our planet fighting for survival against an alien force (not 10-year-old boys playing a game of Battleship). In other words, get ready for two-plus hours of booms and pows.
Sexy: Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood
Not sexy: A movie about Battleship
Verdict: Silly? Probably... but does it matter? Two words: Eric Northman. Give in to your man and go see this.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Alexander Skarsgard in New Battleship Trailer (VIDEO)

The Dictator

The latest from oft-offensive funny guy Sacha Baron Cohen has him posing as a North African dictator who risks his life in NYC to make sure the country he has so lovingly oppressed never sees democracy. Anna Faris and Ben Kingsley also star. We got a glimpse of his latest character on the Red Carpet at the Oscars this year... spilling human ashes all over Ryan Seacrest.
Sexy: Not a damn thing
Not sexy: Where to begin?
Verdict: By now, you probably know if Cohen's your cup of tea or not. If you're into his over-the-top crude humor, round up your pals for an evening of laughter.

Credit: AOL Photo: Sacha Baron Cohen Sleeps With Megan Fox, Disses the Kardashians in The Dictator — Must-Watch Movie Trailer!

What to Expect When You're Expecting

Cameron Diaz, American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez, comedian Chris Rock, True Blood's Joe Manganiello, Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl, and Glee's Matthew Morrison, among others, make up the ensemble cast of this flick about different couples going through the joys of pregnancy and new parenthood.
Sexy: Joe, Chace... heck, even Schuester
Not sexy: Third-trimester hormones
Verdict: Great choice for you and your gal pals; terrible choice for a first date.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch a Shirtless Joe Manganiello in What to Expect When You're Expecting Trailer (VIDEO)

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