TV shows that attempt to re-imagine a classic fairy tale are all the rage these days. ABC’s doing it with Once Upon a Time. NBC’s doing it with Grimm. Now, The CW is stepping into the ring with their latest supernatural drama, Beauty and the Beast.

So how does Beauty stack up against the competition? Do we have another OUaT on our hands, or is this one fairy tale doomed to fade into obscurity as soon as the clock strikes midnight?

To be honest, we'd say that entirely depends on how you feel about shows on The CW in the first place. If you're looking for a hot guy with a chiseled jaw and great abs, super-trendy music, and a leading actress who's so ridiculously pretty that it's genuinely not fair, then this show is definitely for you. But if none of those things are very high on your list, you should probably skip Beauty and the Beast.

Kristin Kreuk, best known for playing beautiful damsel-in-distress types, takes on the leading female role of Belle the Disney princess up-and-coming police detective Cat Chandler. After eight years of needing to be rescued by Superman, the former Smallville star is finally getting the chance to channel her inner badass. And how do we know she's channeling her inner badass? Because she's a young cop spouting sassy one-liners, standing up to her scummy (soon-to-be-ex) boyfriends, and wearing tight black outfits. See? Total badass.

Since this is Beauty and the Beast, Kristen's Cat is obviously destined to fall in love with former soldier-turned-dangerous government experiment Vincent Keller (played by Kiwi actor Jay Ryan) — a man who perfectly embodies the one quality most necessary for being a male CW lead. Namely, he's really, really hot.

Of course, this could pose a bit of a problem. Isn't the Beast supposed to look, you know, beastly? His face should make you want to cower in fear, not head over to Abercrombie to pick up the latest in summer swimwear. The “problem” of Vincent's attractiveness is somewhat remedied by the placement of one or two deep, willowy scars on his face, as well as Hulk-inspired special effects that make him go all CGI and evil when he gets really upset. But the fact remains: This man is way too attractive to be a beast.

Beauty and the Beast premieres tonight, October 11, and will continue to air on Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW, which puts it up against some pretty tough competition, including Glee on FOX and Grey’s Anatomy on ABC. With so many other well-established shows already commanding our attention in that time slot, how will this newcomer fare? 

Beauty and the Beast looks intriguing, to be sure. It’s got plenty of the components we look for in a fun-to-watch drama geared toward teens, and it can’t be too long before somebody decides to make Jay Ryan go shirtless. You won’t hear us complain about that at all.

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