Plenty of non-musical shows have had amazing musical episodes — Scrubs, Buffy, and Grey’s Anatomy all come to mind and it looks like we might be able to add another primetime hit to that list in the near future.

Beth Behrs, who stars as former socialite Caroline Channing on Two Broke Girls, told OK! Magazine that she’s pushing for a musical episode of her hit show.

“I’ve been trying to push for a musical episode since we started Two Broke Girls,” Beth revealed.

“I don’t know if I could get Kat Dennings on board, but I’d be down to do it,” said the actress.


“Maybe she wouldn’t have to sing, and we all could. [Co-star] Garrett Morris is an opera singer and Jonathan Kite sings too, so we do actually have a very musical cast.”

As for her hopes for the show's future, she’s aiming high when it comes to guest appearances.

“My dream guest star is Carol Burnett," said the star. "I would love to have her on at some point.”

Source: OK! Magazine