Beyonce's newest song has arrived  and so have a few extra Beyonces. 

The bootylicious pop star had been teasing earlier this week that she would have a big surprise today, and sure enough, she has released a video featuring her brand new single.

The video is a sexy ad for Pepsi, and it includes the debut of her newest song, "Grown Woman," which will be the first single off her forthcoming album. 

In the ad, Beyonce's various selves show up in distinctly different outfits and end up shattering a few mirrors in the process. We see Beyonces from her Destiny's Child era, her "Crazy in Love" video with the jean shorts (you know the ones), the "Single Ladies" version, and her contemporary self. 

If you ask us, the only thing better than Beyonce is... more Beyonces.

So what do you think of the new Timbaland-produced track? Are you dying to buy it on iTunes already, or do you prefer her older tunes? 

Source: YouTube 

Credit: YouTube Photo: See Beyonce Perform New Song "Grown Woman" in Sexy Pepsi Ad (VIDEO)