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To paraphrase her husband's song, Beyonce may have 99 problems, but winning awards ain't one. Or is it?

The singer-actress-mommy has just received a jounalism award for her Essence magazine article, "Eat, Play, Love," but critics are questioning whether she really deserves the award. In other words, haters gonna hate.

Beyonce was awarded on Wednesday by the New York Association of Black Journalists for her article about taking a nine-month break from her career to travel and enjoy herself. Here is a sample line from her award-winning piece: "I discovered I love artichokes and that a salad and fresh fish are not only healthy choices but incredibly delicious." Not exactly hard-hitting, but a fun read nonetheless. (And who can blame her for wanting to spread the word about how great artichokes are?)

As to be expected when a pop singer beats out professional journalists for an award, there was criticism from the media. Amber Rose of the Mused online magazine questioned whether Beyonce even wrote the piece herself. Rose also says that the award should have gone to one of "the real journalists who write about insightful and sometimes dangerous topics." Uh, how is avoiding the paparazzi not dangerous?

Essence's publishers, for their part, said that Beyonce did in fact write the article, going on to say, "We had to edit her, but everyone gets edited except Toni Morrison." Fine, but is Toni Morrison able to hit those high notes in "Single Ladies"? We think not.

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