Credit: Twitter Photo: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Cuddle Up and Make Goofy Faces

Oh, baby — someone needs to wrap Justin Bieber in hazard tape. His fans are always getting hurt, some paparazzo guy is mad at him and today TMZ reports that Biebs got knocked out cold after running into a glass wall at a concert in Paris.

TMZ talked to Justin, who said he ran backstage between songs and hit the glass. He went back and finished his set, but after he returned to his dressing room he passed out for 15 seconds. That's bad, y'all. Doctors reportedly said he suffered a concussion but he'll be OK.

Weirdly enough, glass is a recurring foe in Justin's life. TMZ shared a video of Justin hitting his noggin on a revolving door. Glass is his Kryptonite!

Source: TMZ