Um, thanks, but no thanks.

That's Billy Zane's sentiment when it comes to the question of whether he'll take his girflriend, model Candice Neil, and their two-year old daughter, Ava Catherine, aboard the Titanic II, the exact replica of the ill-fated ship that is reportedly set to sail in 2016.

The actor told People that he doesn't think he would "risk" bringing his family aboard. And it doesn't sound like he would even risk going by himself, advising prospective passengers to "just count the life boats."


The decked-out ocean liner will reportedly follow the original route of the first Titanic (well, hopefully not the exact same route, considering the ship never did make it to New York).

Some things it will feature that the original did not? Air conditioning, for one, and enough life boats. There will also be period costumes available to passengers, which sounds like a pretty awesome way to play dress up.

But what do you think: Is the voyage doomed, or would we be silly to think so?

Source: People