This week was filled with some pretty cramazing TV, so to make your life easier we’ve whittled down countless hours of screen time to five quickie, must-watch highlights. You. Are. Welcome.

5. Bloopers from The Voice's blind auditions

Credit: NBC Photo: WATCH: Voice Coaches Bloopers During the Blind Auditions (VIDEO)

4. Zac Efron 'fesses up to Condomgate 2012

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Credit: NBC Photo: Watch: Zac Efron Blushes, Giggles, Admits He Dropped a Condom

3. Jessica Sanchez sings ''I Love You I Do'' on American Idol

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Jessica Sanchez Sing Jennifer Hudson’s “I Love You I Do” in American Idol 2012 Semifinals on February 29

2. Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon reminisce about their fake movies

Credit: Hulu Photo: Aw, Hail No! Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon's Hilarious Movie Posters (VIDEO)

1. A new Gossip Girl romance begins

Credit: Video via YouTube Photo: Gossip Girl Dair Moment: Blair Chooses Dan (VIDEO)

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