Chump change, right?

A source told US Weekly that Jay-Z has a VIP spread in the basement of Barclays Center in Brooklyn. There are 11 suites for rent and his is the most expensive — almost twice the average cost, which is $550,000 a year. "Jay rents a luxurious basement suite for $1 million a year," the source told Us Weekly. "It has an area for Blue filled with toys." But it's not just for Jay and Beyonce's baby, who turns 1 on January 7. "It's all glass with a champagne bar and TV screen," the source continued. "Jay lets friends use his digs when he's not there." Hopefully the friends drinking champagne and watching TV aren't also supposed to be babysitting Blue.

Question: If $1 million a year wasn't that big a deal to you, would you spend it on something like this? How would you spend that money?

Source: Us Weekly