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If 16-year-old Bradley Cooper got a girl knocked up, yeah, he could technically have produced Jennifer Lawrence. But that's creepy. It's less creepy to just look at the Silver Linings Playbook stars and think they'd make a cute couple.

She looks and acts more mature than 22, and he's a boyish looking 38, right? Wrong. To Bradley, anyway. Last year's Sexiest Man Alive talked to Entertainment Tonight (via Zap2it) about rumors that he's dating his newly single co-star. "If it didn't happen by now, it's not gonna happen," Bradley said. "I could literally be her father." Way to promote that on-screen chemistry, man!

We’re not getting a father/daughter vibe, or even a brother/sister vibe, but maybe that’s just good acting at work. Besides, even though in this case we’re a bit disappointed that "Bradiffer" may never happen, it’s refreshing for a guy to admit a woman is too young for him. Bravo, Bradley! Spread the word to Hugh Hefner.

Source: Zap2it

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