Brendan Fraser has been on a difficult "journey" of late.

The actor  who has starred in Journey to the Center of the Earth and The Mummy  is reportedly "broke" and trying to reduce the astronomical alimony and child support payments that he has to pay his ex-wife, according to Radar Online.

The 44-year-old actor once had a net worth of $45 million, but that has gotten depleted by the $900,000 annual payment that he pays to ex-wife Afton Smith.

Brendan and Afton married in 1998 and have three sons. They announced their divorce in 2007 and settled in 2009.

Brendan is now telling the court that he can't make the payments because his salary isn't what it once was, although Afton claims he is hiding money from her.

Brendan currently provides his voice for the new movie Escape From Planet Earth, ane we're guessing he wishes he could escape from these payments, too.

Source: Radar Online