Oops, she did it again — she played with our hearts, got lost in the game! Just 24 hours after we reported The X Factor show execs offered Britney Spears $10 million to join the show as a judge for Season 2, the pop princess is breaking our hearts with news she’s rejected the offer. The reason? Brit-brit wants $20 million according to The Wrap. Memo to Simon Cowell: Hit me, baby, one more time! With twice the money.

The Wrap also reports Britney rejected the offer three weeks ago and is now looking for a recurring Vegas headline deal. This might explain why Leann Rimes’ name has recently been thrown in the X Factor pool of potential judges. Simon Cowell can blame American Idol and The Voice producers for Britney’s salary expectations; Jennifer Lopez makes a cool $12 million as an Idol judge, and Christina Aguilera is receiving a $10 million paycheck for The Voice.

Source: The Wrap