Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Photo: Channing Tatum and Elton John Perform at a Rainforest Fund Concert on April 3, 2012

Hopefully Elton John has a Seinfeld box set or just something keep him busy and in good spirits since he's now out of commission for seven days.

Elton was hospitalized Wednesday with a respiratory infection and he's been told to stay at home and not perform for a week. As a result, he had to cancel three shows scheduled for this weekend in Las Vegas.

In a statement released Thursday on his website, Elton said: "It feels strange not to be able to perform these 'Million Dollar Piano' concerts at The Colosseum. I love performing this show and I will be thrilled when we return to The Colosseum in October to complete the eleven concerts soon to be scheduled. All I can say to the fans is sorry I can't be with you. I hope to see you soon at this wonderful theatre at Caesars Palace."

According to MTV, Elton began to feel ill during a show on Sunday and he just felt worse during the week. Poor Rocket Man. Get well soon!

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