Credit: Mark Sullivan/WireImage Photo: Kaitlyn Jenkins Arrives at Backstage Creations Celebrity Retreat

Looks like love is in the air in Paradise! Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Bunheads’ Kaitlyn Jenkins (Boo) at the Backstage Creations Celebrity Retreat for the Teen Choice Awards. After being softened up by a spoonful of North Shore Goodies coconut peanut butter (“I’m not gonna lie, I think everyone needs to try it,” she gushed), Kaitlyn couldn’t help but spill some serious scoop. 

With the Joffrey auditions over, and Boo not making the cut, she’ll still have another opportunity to shine later in the season in an arc that starts in Episode 8 and culminates in the Season 1 finale.

“Boo and her new dance partner have to overcome a lot of obstacles [before a big performance] — different things with their relationship between each other that they have to get over,” reveals Kaitlyn.

Could this new partner become a love interest? “It’s very possible,” she teases.

But there’s another romantic connection to be made before season’s end that’s even more of a shocker.

“Who Godot [General Hospital’s Nathan Parsons] is going to end up with in the end is going to be a real surprise to a lot of people, I think,” Kaitlyn hints.

Unless Godot is into the under-aged, or has a thing for Fanny (Kelly Bishop), there’s not a lot of single ladies left on the ABC Family show Could Michelle (Sutton Foster) finally find a reason to stay in Paradise?