Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images Photo: Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips Share a Laugh at the 84th Annual Academy Awards on February 26, 2012

Did you even know there was a rumor that Cougar Town's Busy Philipps and her fellow Dawson's Creek alum Michelle Williams had a lesbian relationship?

The random rumor came out last year when Michelle took her BFF Busy on the awards circuit as her date. That was before Michelle started getting serious with boyfriend Jason Segel, but Busy was already married to Marc Silverstein, her hubby since 2007 and father to her one and one-on-the-way kids.

Busy just had a long Q&A with The Advocate, and when they asked her about the Michelle rumor, she said it was the first time she was hearing about it.

"I get why people would say that about us, though," Busy said. "It does seem plausible. It’s like Oprah and Gayle or Dolly Parton and her best friend. I believe sexuality is fluid, and women can have a deep love and affection for other women. My friendship with Michelle has stood the test of time, and we’ve been together through many different versions of our lives. I love her as deeply as I love almost anyone. But we don’t do it. The gay rumors for me actually started in high school with my best friend Kate. For our senior yearbook page we submitted a cute picture of us being silly, almost kissing, with a caption that read, 'The rumors are true.' Unfortunately, the yearbook staff deemed it inappropriate."

The Advocate writer said he couldn't believe she hadn't heard about the Michelle rumor. Busy responded, "Sometimes I do have to check the gossip sites to see if, like, Jessica Simpson is pregnant again, but my days of Googling myself have long since passed."

But her days of being a good sport about rumors are going strong!

Source: The Advocate