Brandi Glanville is a hot commodity in Beverly Hills, mostly because she wanders around blinding people with her bikini zone. Seriously, it's no wonder Dana Wilkey had to buy $25,000 sunglasses. Her eyes.

Shockingly, Brandi is still single and ready to mingle after an ugly divorce from Eddie Cibrian, and it's time to play cupid! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star needs a man, and we've rounded up five eligible bachelors who are worthy of her good looks, charm, and freshly tanned assets.  

1. Slade Smiley
No offense to our favorite Pussycat Doll, Gretchen Rossi, but we think Brandi and Slade would make a dynamite couple. Think about it: He's a former cyclist with amazing thighs and an addiction to reality television, and she's a burgeoning starlet with blonde hair. It's pretty much a match made in Bravo heaven. Plus, two words: Crossover alert!

2. Kelsey Grammer
Raise your hand if you love Frasier Crane. Exactly. We were devastated when Camille and Kelsey broke up on national television, and since he left we've been desperate for a Frasier fix. Luckily, there's a little thing called We TV (amen!), but even better? Brandi could put the moves on everyone's favorite psychiatrist and bring him back to the Bravo family.

Credit: Getty Images

3. George Clooney
Before you LOL and accidentally spit out your nonfat frappucino, keep in mind that George is currently dating a professional WWE lady wrestler who used to wander around looking like this. 'Nuff said.

4. JC Chasez
Probably the best love connection of all time. Let's just say that if these two got together, their hookup would be television's peak. There will literally be nothing else to look forward to.

5. Dean Sheremet
Nothing tastes as delicious as a steaming plate of revenge (a dish best served cold, obvs!)
and it's time for Brandi to get back at LeAnn Rimes for stealing her hubby. We're thinking a sexy affair with LeAnn's ex Dean Sheremet will do the trick!