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We love a good red carpet opp as much as the next A-list celeb, but have to assume that the stress of dressing for the paps all the time would get to us eventually. Not to mention the fact that our salaries could buy, like, one of Kim Kardashian’s pencil skirts, or a single Louboutin from Blake Lively’s closet. Enter DoubleTake Boutique.

A friend turned us on to this high-end New Jersey store with the promise that all of the celebs and their stylists are checking it out. Here’s the gist: consignment store owner Marci Kessler only takes the creme de la creme of gently-worn couture from the last two years. “Our consignees include famous celebrities, models, photographers, television and movie wardrobe artists, fashion executives, and thousands of loyal customers that have discovered how to buy and sell gently worn designer clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories, and jewelry,” Marci says of the fashion she shares with customers.

Credit: Splash

Dying for a bubblegum pink Rebecca Minkhoff bag like the one fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker carries around? Done. And for way less than we could have hoped — the bag that would normally set you back five hundo is available at DoubleTake for $168. What about Victoria Beckham’s badass pewter-studded Loubies that are impossible to find? Yours.

So, how does it all get there? Easy. Marci literally moves mountains to get the best stuff in her stores (there are four locations) — she and her team will hop on a plane and fly wherever is necessary to pick up the choosiest Choos, the perfect Prada, and the grandest Gucci.

It’s like a giant weight has been lifted off our shoulders. Now that we know we can dress ourselves like the gilded gals of Hollywood, only one question remains: where’s our invitation?