Credit: WENN

Can the world handle more of that beautiful disaster Gary Busey? Prepare yourself for the possibility.

Page Six says NBC wants Donald Trump to launch an All-Stars edition of Celebrity Apprentice, potentially airing in February.

Returning All-Stars could reportedly include past winners Piers Morgan, Joan Rivers and Bret Michaels, as well as past fired people Trace Adkins, Omarosa, Gene Simmons, Lennox Lewis, Meat Loaf, Jesse James, Marlee Matlin, Sharon Osbourne, Cyndi Lauper, Marilu Henner, Dennis Rodman and Gary himself.

All-Stars seasons are all the rage right now. Dancing With the Stars is launching its first All-Stars season this fall, Project Runway is currently shooting another All-Stars season — including a cameo from Katie Holmes — and America’s Next Top Model attempted an All-Stars season late last year, although it ended in controversy.

Since Celebrity Apprentice is already controversial and crazy as a rule, an All-Stars version would be epic. It’s hired!

Source: New York Post